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About Me

The plan for my life has always been to become an artist. My formative education throughout high school and junior college was spent sketching and painting with the goal of becoming an animator, and yet by luck or fate, I rediscovered my love of sewing with such a passion that I redirected my entire future towards a career in professional costume making.
When I wasn't in lectures, I worked for the student council, founded the Cosplay Club, volunteered at the library, and worked my way through school at a local fabric store. Before graduating I won art awards, scholarships, academic excellence awards, and was granted membership to Omicron Delta Kappa, a prestigious honor society focused on leadership and community.
During and after school, I worked for five years at the previously-mentioned fabric and crafts store. In my free time, I also worked a seasonal job building mascot costumes and started costuming plays for a local high school arts academy before becoming a guest staff member there. Following that, I went into leather tailoring as the head sewist for a garment and accessories company, where I started my work in national theatre and film.
This lead me to open my own business as a freelance tailor, which still continues to this day. In addition to this, I also work full-time as the billing supervisor for Rever Grand, a company that provides supports for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and work part-time as the personal secretary for Matthew Reynolds, a racial equity consultant and author. When I'm not working, I play games with friends and run a fandom-based charity organization, Fanart For Change, which raises money for charity through shared love of art and “nerdy” things.
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